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Bowling's Only Full-Service Brokers, Appraisers, & Financial Advisors

Expertise: Bowling is our business. For the past 30 years, buying, selling and valuing bowling centers has been our only business. No other company provides these services exclusively, and our track record proves we are the very best at what we do. Since 1977, we have sold over 500 centers and valued more than 1,200 centers through the United States and Canada.

Brokerage: We handle corporate sales involving multiple centers and individual center sales which often are life-changing events for both the seller and the buyer. No one matches buyers and sellers as well as we do. For sellers, we know how to analyze and market a center, prepare a professional presentation, maximize exposure to likely buyers, find the right buyer, obtain the right price, structure the best terms and even soften the tax bite. For buyers, we make sure purchasing that center is the right move at the right time. We often assist the purchaser in securing financing, obtaining liquor license transfers and avoiding potential pitfalls unique to this business. Because we have handled so many transactions, we know how to overcome obstacles and objections and get deals closed. 

Valuation: With our extensive knowledge of the industry and the world’s largest data base of bowling center sales, we can accurately predict what buyers in the real world will pay for a particular center. We have valued more bowling centers than anyone in the country. Our valuations are widely accepted by banks, institutional lenders, major investors and even the IRS.

Experience: The professionals at Sandy Hansell and Associates collectively have over 100 years of experience in the bowling industry. Each owned and operated centers before becoming a broker. We know and understand this business.

Market Expertise: Each of our brokers concentrates in and serves one area of the country. With that focus, we are fully familiar with all of the major industry players in each area, local economic conditions and trends within the industry specific to that area. Thus we are fully in tune with local markets, enabling us to serve our clients that much more effectively.

Integrity: Our team has earned a reputation for competence, honesty and professionalism. We tell it like it is. That’s why over the years hundreds of satisfied clients have entrusted us to handle some of their most important transactions. 

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